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Welcome to EconoLux Industries Limited

Lighting Innovators

EconoLux is dedicated to bringing you the most technologically advanced, energy saving grow lighting products available today. Using the latest innovations, based on scientific research, proprietary processes and trade-secret technology, we offer a range of high quality lighting products, with a focus on grow/plant lights.

EconoLux specializes in Plant/Grow/Hydroponics lights, with a close match to the McCree curve and the PAR curve - the light spectrum that plants need to thrive and produce the best harvests.  We offer LED Plant/Grow lights, E27 base grow lights, and our GroCube semi-DIY lights with an 85% match to the McCree cyrve.

All of our lighting products are designed to maximize light output with minimum energy consumption compared to the conventional (High Pressure Sodium & Metal Halide) commercial and industrial lighting they can replace. In most applications, our lighting products can save you between 35% and 50% on energy costs!

EconoLux lighting products can save you money on maintenance and re-lamping costs.  Our energy saving, environmentally friendly lights and fixtures can help reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, reduce waste, and can reduce greenhouse gasses (Co2) from power generation, thereby helping to reduce global warming (climate change).


We offer the following product lines:

  ELPL PRO-LED Series Grow Lights

The LED-PRO series is waterproof and designed to meet the needs of professionals and the typical conditions found in greenhouses.  They can also be used in home and semi-pro locations wherever a quiet, rugged and reliable LED grow light, with a close spectrum match to the McCree curve or the PAR curve is desired.

PRO-LED Series plant/grow lights >

  EconoLux ELPL-36W-E27 LED Grow Lights

Our ELPL-36W-E27 base LED grow lights provide a simple screw-in solution for your small to medium sized houseplants or kitchen garden needs.  They have the highest PPFD output on the market and a superior spectrum that is close to the McCree curve and natural sunshine.

 LED E27 Base LED grow lights >


The EconoLux Industries ELPL GroCubes™ are an innovative and  inexpensive way to deploy our BMC (basic McCree Curve) series of COB light-engines for growing a variety of plants.  The BMC COB light engines offer an 85% match to the McCree curve.

GroCube™ LED Lights >

  DIY Grow Light Parts & Components

EconoLux LED ELPL-COBs provide a variety of power levels from 50W to 200W, with a close match to the McCree curve or the PAR curve.  Do It Yourself (DIY) parts and components, such as our ELPL-COB Plant/grow light-engines, used in most of our Plant/Grow lights, lets you make your own custom lighting.

LED COB Light Engines >
DIY Parts/Components >


EconoLux Energized (Parts for OEMs)

Our "EconoLux Energized" program allows OEMs to incorporate our advanced and proprietary custom LEDs and COB plant/grow light-engine component technology into their own products.

EconoLux Energized (Components for OEMs)>

  OEM & White Label services

We provide OEM/While Label services where we can locate/source parts/components, build/assemble lighting products, provide testing and QC, and even arrange for electrical certifications and Logistics. We can also provide these products with your Logo/Brand imprinted onto them if you want to launch your own line of LED grow lighting.

OEM & White Label Services >

EconoLux is your best source for a wide range of innovative and energy saving lighting products - especially Plant/Grow/Hydroponics Lighting (horticultural lighting). We have unique LED COB Light-engines with the world's closest match to the McCree and PAR curves. For more details on EconoLux technology, and what makes our products better, please visit our Library of informative papers.


EconoLux products are distributed and sold through an international network of trained, authorized, distributors and dealers who are ready to provide you with local technical and product support.  To locate the Distributor nearest you, please visit our Distributors page.

You can Contact Us at the factory for any information you need on our products that is not already available from the relevant catalogue or data sheet on our Catalogues page. In most cases, we will refer you to your nearest Distributor who can provide assistance in your local language and time zone.