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EconoLux Industries Limited is dedicated to bringing you the most technologically advanced, energy saving lighting, products available today, with your choice of spectrum . We specialize in plant/grow lights and we offer LED lighting with a world's first close match to the PAR curve, or to the McCree curve, and premium T5HO lamps/tubes.

We also offer other white light LED lighting products such as High/Low bay lights, flood/sports lights, T8 and T5 LED tubes, gas/petrol station lights, and street/roadway lights. Below is a summary of the various products we offer.  Click the links to go to the pages with more details on each product, or click on the product navigation links on the right of the page.

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LED Plant/Grow Lights

PRO-LED Series

ELPL PRO-LED Grow Lights

The PRO-LED series is designed to meet the needs of professionals and the typical conditions found in greenhouses and other high-moisture environments.  They can also be used in home and semi-pro locations, wherever a low maintenance, rugged and reliable LED grow light, with a close spectrum match to the McCree curve or the PAR curve is required.

The PRO-LED series is based on our advanced ELPL-COB series of LED COB (Chip On Board) grow light technology light-engines. These COBs are a worlds-first, 24 band (wavelengths) product with a 90~95% match to the McCree curve or the PAR curve (the light spectrum that plants need to thrive). 

The PRO-LED series features:

► 45 degree beam-angle glass lenses to focus the light onto your plants
► Passive cooling (no fans - no noise - low maintenance)
► IP65 rated (waterproof) - can be used in damp/wet or high humidity locations
► Universal voltage input - 110~250VAC 50/60Hz (also available in 347V and 480V versions)

The PRO-LED series is currently available in 100W and 200W (UL approved), and 100W, 200W and 400W models (CE, TUV approved - UL approved drivers optionally available). Higher wattage 600W models available soon). They are a rugged and reliable choice for greenhouses, and other high-moisture locations. They offer the best growing spectrum available with a 90~95% match to the McCree or PAR curves.

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Variable Spectrum LED Grow Lights

WLPl-VS Series LED GRow Lights

The ELPL Variable Spectrum (VS) series of LED plant/grow lights are designed to allow the user to adjust the spectrum of the lights to suit the needs of the plants during different phases of the plant growing cycle.

The fixtures are equipped with dimmers which can control the blue LEDs, the Red LEDS and/or the PAR LED COB Lifgr-engines allowing for the adjustment of the light spectrum to suit the vegetative phase, the flowering, or fruiting phase of the plants.

     15 or more bands (wavelengths) - close match to the PAR curve
  Air cooled (with fans) - Indoor use only
  Equipped with 60 degree or 90 degree supplementary optics designed to focus light onto the plants
Universal voltage input - 110~250VAC 50/60Hz (operates almost anywhere in the world)

The VS (variable spectrum) series is ideal for home and semi-pro use, in small indoor growing applications. The VS series offers the best possible grow light spectrum available, with a close match to the PAR curve, at a reasonable price.

LED-VS (Variable Spectrum) Grow Light Series >
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Screw-in E27 Base 36 Watt LED Grow Lights

ELPl-E27 36W Series LED GRow Lights

The ELPL-36W-E27 lamps offer a simple and easy way to augment the light for your house plants or kitchen herb garden, or for use as 'side-lights' or 'fill lights' in greenhouses and grow-ops.  The E27 lamps are simple to use, just screw them into a standard light bulb socket that can provide 100VAC to 250VAc at 50/60 Hz.

The ELPL-36W-E27 lamps feature a spectrum with a close match to the McCree curve and sunlight.  They don't need a reflector as they come with high-transmission 90 degree lenses built in. They provide the highest PAR/PPFD of any 36W E27 lamp on the market today.

The ELPL-36W-E27 lamps are available in two models:
► ELPL-36W-E27-VG has more blue than red for growing ferns, leafy greens and kitchen herbs (rosemary, parsley, mint, basil, etc.).
► The ELPL-36W-Fl (coming soon) has more red than blue light for growing flowering, fruiting and budding plants (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc.).

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ELPL-COB Series LED Light Engines

ELPL COB Light-engine Series LED Grow Lights

EconoLux Industries was the first company in the world to produce 100W and 200W LED light engine COBs, with an exceptional 24 bands (wavelengths) of LED chips, with a close match to the McCree curve or the PAR Curve. The ELPL light engines offers a 90~95% match to the McCree curve or the PAR curve, and high PPFD/PAR output. The ELPL light engine  series COBs have the following bands:

► Light Blue
► Yellow
► Dark Red
► Deep Blue
► Light Green
► Orange
► IR (Infra Red)
► Blue
► Dark Green
► Light Red
► White
► Plus our proprietary B-R (Broadband Red) coating or our X-S (extended spectrum) coating.

EconoLux also manufactures the multi-band ELPL-BMC series of 100W and 200W COB light engines, which offer a full spectrum of light (280nm to 780nm), and which has an 80% match to the McCree Curve.

We have recently introduced our VXS series of Full Spectrum (400nm to 750nm), 50W, 100W and 200W COB light engines.  The VFX series is a major improvement on the "full spectrum" products on the market, offering much higher PAR/PPFD.  They are an entry level COB designed for home growing applications.

The ELPL-COB Series Plant/grow light-engines make it possible to build plant/grow lights, with the closest possible match to the PAR curve, or the McCree Curve.  The ELPL-COB Series light-engines are available for DIY grow light builders, and through our EconoLux Energized program to professional plant/grow light manufacturers.

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T5HO Plant/Grow Lights/Tubes

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T5HO Grow Lights/Tubes

ELPL T5HO Grow Lights/Tubes

Now you can enjoy the benefits of the worlds first purpose designed, premium T5HO lamps for growing, with lamp spectra tailored to your plant's needs.  Our proprietary coatings are tailored to provide the light your plants need, with a fairly close match to the PAR curve, at budget prices.  The EconoLux ELPL-T5HO series of 54W, plant/grow light tubes are available in four different types (output spectrums) allowing you to select the type of lamp (VG, FL,  XR or UV+) you need for the plants you are growing, or to mix-&-match tube types to meet your plant’s needs:

VG Type - Designed for growing vegetative (non-flowering and leafy green) plants
FL Type - Designed for growing flowering/fruiting/budding plants
XR Type - Designed as supplemental lamps when growing flowering or fruiting plants, they provide an extra 'boost' of red light
UV+ Type - Designed as supplemental lamps as they emit mainly UVA and UVB light and are suitable for 'finishing' applications

The EconoLux ELPL-T5HO series of plant/grow light tubes provides the closest match to the PAR curve of any T5HO lamp on the market.  The PAR curve is the spectrum of plant’s light absorption and is important for your plants to thrive. This is accomplished by producing the maximum light output in the blue and red regions of the spectrum, where it is most useful to the plants.

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General LED Lighting Products

LED Lighting Products

LED Lighting Products

EconoLux Industries can provide a range of LED lighting products, all made with high efficiency LEDs, to insure the maximum light output while maximizing energy savings over conventional HID lighting. Our line of LED Fixtures includes:

► LED High and Low Bay Lights
► LED Sports/Flood lights
► LED T8 and T5 Replacement Tubes
► LED Street/Roadway Lights
► LED Gas/Petrol Station Lights

In addition, we can make custom and semi-custom lights to meet your requirements for you (with your branding).

EL-LED Lighting Products >
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Upgrade/Retrofit Lighting Products

LED Retrofit Lights

EconoLux has a line of upgrade and/or retrofit LED lamps that can quickly and simply covert your older E27 and E40 screw-in base lighting fixtures to energy saving LED technology.

These upgrade and retrofit products include E27 base LED U-tube lamps that are ideal for replacing CFL Lamps, E40 base LED corn-lamps up to 120W for decorative and commercial lighting fixtures, and E40 base high/low-bay screw-in conversion LED lamps in different wattages.

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Special Products and Services

DIY Parts & Components

EconoLux Industries can provide parts and components for Do It Yourself plant/grow light builders, including our unique ELPL-COB multi-band, grow/plant light-engine COBs, 60, 90 and 120 degree glass COB lenses, and LED drivers (with and without dimming).

DIY Parts and Components >

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EconoLux Energized Program
EconoLux Energized Logo

EconoLux Industries provides our proprietary LED COB multi band Plant/grow light-engines, at discounted prices, to plant/grow light manufactures, who buy in bulk, and who display the "EconoLux Energized" logo on their products.

EconoLux Energized Program for Manufacturers >

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EconoLux White Label & OEM Services OEM & White label services

We can provide OEM/While Label services where we can locate or source parts and components, build lighting products, provide testing and QC, and even arrange for electrical certifications. We can also provide these products imprinted with your Logo/Brand.

EconoLux OEM Services >
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EconoLux products are distributed and sold through an international network of trained, authorized, distributors and dealers who are ready to provide you with local technical and product support. To locate the Distributor nearest you, please visit our Distributors Page